Introduction of Papadoge, Father of Dogecoin

PAPADOGE Transparency

We plan to launch the ILO on Unicrypt, which automatically locks up the liquidity for 3 months, preventing rug-pull. We also applied 24-hour time-lock to our smart contract for functions with ownership privilege. Moreover, there will be governing procedure, and the community will be able to monitor in respect of transparency. Moreover, any changes to the smart contract will be announced to the public immediately. One of our core value is transparency, which represents what we believe in. Besides, We plan to be audited soon to build trust and confidence in our community.

How can I buy Papadoge tokens?

Presale will be held only on Unicrypt. After the presale, we will list our token on pancakeswap. Anyone that claims to be PAPADOGE team and direct message you first in a private message is a scammer. If anyone ask you to send money to any address, they are also trying to scam you and should be reported and blocked.

⏰ Presale time: June 26, 2021 at approx 3:33 pm UTC

Father of Dogecoin

Papadoge Community

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PAPADOGE’s coming out of his retirement to give everyone who missed out on his son a second chance.